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FOX+CATVINTAGE is not responsible for any damage done to a garment or item based on the following care recommendations. taking your loved vintage pieces to a trusted dry cleaners is always an option, and necessary with the following fabrics / textiles


   (1) rayon

   (2) anything heavily beaded or sequined 

   (3) certain types of silks  (shantung, charmeuse, dupioni) 

   (4) leather & suede (first, look at investing in a leather cleaning kit - it will save you money in the long run)

   (5) fur & faux fur (recommend a furrier who specializes in the cleaning of furs) 

   (6) feathers (although, we have hand-washed a garment with boa feathers, laid it flat to dry, and it was perfectly fine)

   (7) coats, particularly heavy wools 


now, the good news. so many garments can be either machine-washed or (most recommended) washed by hand.

to prevent color bleeding, (1) wash each piece separately in a little plastic tub or basin with some cool water, old-school biz, and a touch of mild detergent  (2) swish it around for a few minutes (don't let it sit, the colors might run and ruin your garment -- if you do have any color run, the product color run remover by carbona is pretty effective, but it is strong. follow the instructions carefully) . 

(3) rinse thoroughly, gently squeezing (NOT ringing) the garment out after each rinse. three should be sufficient unless it appears soap is still in the fabric (4) lay a towel down flat with the garment on top, then slowly roll up the towel so that the garment is hidden inside (5) repeat if necessary (goal: to get out as much water as possible before drying) (6) lay flat to dry 


to remove wrinkles, throwing the garment in the dryer for a few minutes when it is 90% dry is usually an easy fix. the steamer is also your best friend. be careful with the iron, always place a fabric cover between the garment and the iron, making sure the iron is clean.



STAIN REMOVAL : stains happen. we don't live in plastic protective bags. my favorite stain removal technique: make-it-yourself biz paste 


how do i make this magical stain fighting formula?

take a few tablespoons of biz and mix it with very hot water until it forms almost a toothpaste-like consistency. spread the paste on the stain and gently work it with your fingers into the stained portion of the fabric. let sit for at least 24 hours. the paste will harden, so gently pull the wall of biz paste away from the garment while running it under some lukewarm to medium temperature water to help it dissolve. once again, make sure ALL the paste is rinsed out of the garment. if the stain persists but has lightened, repeat as many times as needed. the more delicate the material, however, the more careful you should be with applying and more importantly, rinsing it out of the garment. try it, it works miracles.  




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