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FOX+CATVINTAGE is vintage boutique that supports the individual expression of style by offering fabulous, planet-friendly, sustainable fashion and an excellent customer experience. we are less about trends and more about staying true to what you love, what makes you happy, what makes you feel strong. we believe in fashion that reduces our carbon footprint and preserves our Mother Earth for those that come after us by honoring the legacy of those that came before us. 


every garment is different and every body is different, but what sets us apart from other retailers is how much we care about helping you find what you are looking for. one of the favorite parts of my job is seeing the joy on another person's face when they discover something that makes them feel alive, like the beautiful human that they are. we offer a safe space, free of judgment, to explore new territory of branching out in personal style. everyone has value, everyone is important, and we strive to convey that to each person that walks through the door.         

owner + founder // creative director


shop dog // head of customer relations





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