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the tension between what we want to wear and what we believe we should wear is a reality that most of us face. i have always been someone who loves to dress differently as a way to construct my own unique identity within a great big world, but i also spent most of my life chasing after a fictional, idealized version of myself that i believed existed in someone else’s mind.

the realization that i had no clue who i really was…. this was the catalyst that brought FOX+CATVINTAGE into fruition. today, our mission is to offer a safe platform for others to further develop their own style and unique sense of self, independent of anyone else, in an atmosphere guided by tolerance, acceptance, and understanding. it takes courage to step out of our comfort zone and take healthy risks without concern over the opinions of others, but this is how we grow, boost self-confidence, and experience freedom from conforming to societal expectations. it’s not that we don’t care what others think, we just strive to not let it affect what we feel and what we know about ourselves (or what we want to wear, obvs.)

we have fun, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and value and respect every person that comes through our door. much pride is taken in the integrity of our selection, as well as the research, cleaning and restoration process so as to provide you with the best ready-to-wear product possible. we also offer personal and wardrobe styling services focused on working vintage pieces into a modern closet.

and last but not least, FOX+CATVINTAGE is happy to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement, minimizing our global footprint while also preserving the history of fashion by passing it on from one person to another. 🌍🌈

you be you, always 🧡


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