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the premier multi-seasonal FOX+CATVINTAGE campaign was a collaboration with hair and makeup artist faizah husniyah under the artistic direction of stylist katie gore. in the beautiful pool gardens of an east memphis home, faizah and katie were also the faces for the campaign, shot by local photographer kim thomas.







the thematic concepts driving the campaign are the beauty of juxtapositions, female empowerment, and stylistic expression as a key element of the human condition. colorful, soft prints are set in contrast to harsher dark solids, while wintery fur is paired with sultry swimsuits and pastels. the pictorial narrative illuminates the artful blending of strength with vulnerability, independence with unity, and playfulness with mystery through a modernized 1970s indulgent style aesthetic. 

photography Kim Thomas 

hair and makeup artist Faizah Husniyah  

styling and creative direction Katie Gore

faces of the campaign Katie Gore Faizah Husniyah

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